Hookah  : Definition‚ Benefits‚ How To Use‚ Price And Controversy Part III

Post On : 12/01/2018

Same with cigarettes, hookah contains tobacco and other toxic substances such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, and lead. Although have the same content, the smoke of hookah contains more toxic than tobacco cigarettes. Hookah smoke contains higher arsenic and nickel, tar content 36 times higher, and carbon monoxide 15 times higher.

Smoking hookah usually takes longer time than smoking tobacco, so the content of nicotine and cancer-causing substances that enter the lungs was higher.

By knowing the content of toxins that exist, it is not surprising that hookah cigarettes can cause many health problems that cannot be underestimated, for example:

Heart disease: Hookah and its smoke contain many toxins which caused blockage of blood vessels and heart disease.

Cancer: If you look at the duration of a hookah smoking session, hookah smokers absorb more toxins than conventional smokers. The charcoal used to heat tobacco also adversely affects health. Even after passing through the water, smoke hookah still contain high levels of poison. Substances such as carbon monoxide, metals, and cancer-causing chemicals (lung cancer, oral cancer and bladder cancer) are contained therein

Gum Disease: There is an increase in nicotine and cotinine in the blood and saliva of hookah smokers that affect gum tissue.

Infectious diseases: Hookah tubes and tubes worn by hookah provider cafes cannot be properly cleaned. It can facilitate the spread of infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis (TB), aspergillus infections (fungi that can cause serious lung infections), and helicobacter infections (gastroenteritis).

Pregnant women is risky of giving birth to low-weight babies: A woman who smokes a hookah as much as one or more tubes per day during pregnancy, risks giving birth to a low-weight baby. Not only low weight, babies born are also at risk of respiratory problems (this is the danger of hookah for women).

Male fertility decreases: The heavy metal content of hookah such as arsenic, chromium, tin, and cobalt in semen can adversely affect the quantity and quality of sperm.

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Hookah  : Definition‚ Benefits‚ How to Use‚ Price and Controversy Part II


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