Hookah  : Definition‚ Benefits‚ How to Use‚ Price and Controversy Part II

Post On : 06/01/2018

What are the benefits of hookah?

The benefits of hookah, for its fans, are the same as the benefits of cigarettes for its fans, as it is often referred to as providing tranquility, morale and drowsiness. Smoking hookah is one form of part of the association. Smoke that smelled like fruits make people curious to try it. Smoking "fruits" is healthier than conventional smoking. They also consider smoke hookah harmless because all tobacco toxic has been absorbed by water.

The risk of Hookah

Currently there are many myths in the community about hookah. It is considered safer and healthier than smoking. But the myth is not true in reality. Here are myths and facts about hookah quoted from Live Science.

Myth: Hookah produces less nicotine than conventional cigarettes.

Fact: The study above proves that hookah and conventional cigarettes produce nicotine at about the same rate. Even if there is a difference, it depends on the tobacco and hookah usually use the best tobacco with higher nicotine levels.

Myth: Light smoke of hookah shows smaller toxic level.

Fact: The light smoke on the hookah is caused by high humidity, due to the presence of water. Toxic levels are not affected by the thickness of the smoke.

Myth: Water at the base of the hookah serves as a toxic filter.

Fact: In very small quantities, there is a poison that is trapped in water. But the amount is not significant to reduce the health risks that can arise.

Myth: Tobacco with the taste of fruits which often used provides health benefits.

Fact: The function of the flavoring material is used only for the aroma, not to give any health benefits.

Another fact, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), smoking hookah more dangerous than regular smoking, where smoking hookah for one hour as dangerous as smoking 100 cigarettes.

According to the National Anti-Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Bali Province, Arabic or hookah cigarettes is not a narcotic product. However, hookah addiction is more dangerous 400 to 450 times more than cigarettes. "Hookah does not include narcotic products. However, it has its own health hazards such as lung cancer, heart disease, and other diseases, "said Head of BNN Prevention Division of Bali Province, Ni Ketut Adi Lisdiani.

He said the hookah that has the mint and fruits that can cause dependence and the price is much more expensive than a pack of cigarettes. "Especially those who enjoy students, they need money from their parents,".

According to research, smoking hookah for 30 minutes is equivalent to inhaling 10 milligrams of carbon monoxide or higher than cigarettes. "In addition, smoking hookah for 45 minutes produces 36 times more tar than smoking for five minutes," he said.

Ketut Adi said, hookah including products containing addictive substances due to the basis of tobacco and in the circulation including legal products that are seen together with cigarettes. However, hookah has a dangerous material.

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Hookah  : Definition‚ Benefits‚ How To Use‚ Price And Controversy Part III


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