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Post On : 09/02/2017

About us
We have been in the business of manufacturing coconutshell charcoal briquettes since 1985. At that time, our products were mainly charcoal briquettes used for barbecue. In 2005, we shipped our first container of shisha charcoal to the Middle East.
Since 2012 we have focused our efforts on developing high quality shisha charcoal. Our sizable experience comes very useful in meeting the needs and expectations of shisha enthusiasts.

We are proud to contribute to the preservation of the rain forest by only using coconut shell for raw material. There are no trees that were cut down in making our briquettes.
Our factory is located 30 km from Yogyakarta in the island of Java. One of the most beautiful city in Indonesia, Yogyakarta is just an hour journey by plane from Jakarta, or two hours from Bali.

Being a world-class enterprise that became the pride of all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, communities, and nations.

Committed to creatively transform natural resources into useful and environmentally friendly products through careful research and development. Making the wellfare of our employees and our community as a whole a priority in our efforts. Focusing in the development of human resources, social and environmental responsibility and creating a safe and healthy working environment.

Company Profile

  • Address : Dusun Kidulan RT023 RW 012 Salamrejo, Sentolo, Kulon Progo, DI Yogyakarta 55664, INDONESIA.
  • Company Form : Company Limited
  • Legality Document
      1. Official Document No 03 (02 Agustus 2012)
      2. SK MENKEH No AHU-56573.AH.01.01. (Tahun 2012)
      3. NPWP No 31.573.159.6-544.000 (03-08-2012)
      4. IUI (SIUP) No 520/002/V/2013 (14 Mei 2013)
      5. TDP No (28 Mei 2013)
      6. Ket. Domisili No 34/SIR/VI/2013 (10 Juni 2013)
  • Established date : 02 August 2012
  • Business Field : Cocochell Charcoal Briquettes
  • Responsible Person : Johny Wijanta Utama – President Director

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